Dear inbound students, returnees and volunteers (including the awesome people from YFU Serbia) that participated at YFUKA 2013.

Thank you so much for a truly amazing week with laughter, tears and A LOT OF FUN. We can honestly say that without you our summer would not have been complete. You all have put big smiles on our faces with your participation in the program, compassion for each other and your courage to expand your mind by studying abroad.

This was the fourth year YFU Norway has organized YFUKA (previously years called IQ), for incoming and returning students. Through the week we get to mentor the incoming students, teach them the basics about Norway and hopefully prepare them for the “time of their life” in Norway. We get to be a part of the returning students journey before “finalizing” their exchange year, hearing all the ups and downs from their exchange year and hopefully become their friends at the end of camp. We get to work with, and see old friends from the loveable YFU Norway group, and we cannot help but to fall in love with everyone.

Although we really felt we created a fun “academic” program this year, our favorite part of the program, as always, is the social evening program where all of you contribute with different cultural and educational performances. Four years running and the participation and energy of all participants, previous years, as well as this never stop to amaze us.

There are so many things we are grateful for from our exchange year; becoming a part of the YFU family is one of them. So if we haven’t said it enough yet, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS WEEK FANTASTIC. You are all amazing!

Lots of love,

Prugramansvarlige YFUKA 2013
Dagrun (France 09/10) og Ida Iselin (Michigan, USA 08/09)


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