Winter wonderland – Julia og Jana i Troms

Winter wonderland: From Autobahn to Rammstein

I really hoped that it would snow in Troms when I was there, but I hadn’t expected that much snow. At my second day I had a presentation in Nordkjosbotn -1,5 hours outside of Tromsø. I was really excited that we had a bit snow outside. When we came closer to Nordkjosbotn there was even more snow and it was snowing non-stop. After 30 minutes walking I finally found my school, totally covered with snow. I was a bit nervous because it was my first presentation.


It was really surprising for me that the first impression of Germany, if you ask Norwegian students, is a country of beer-drinking, sausage- and football-loving people who are punctual and like to listen to Rammstein. Furthermore the students were really impressed that 70 % of German highways don’t have any speed limit and they were surprised to learn that we aren’t as patriotic about our country as Norwegians are.

Thursday and Friday I had presentations at Kongsbakken vgs and Breivang vgs. It was really fun to give presentations at these schools. A lot of students were really motivated to learn German and even thought about going on exchange to Germany. They were very interested to know more about the country so we had a small discussion about Germany afterwards.


I had a really good experience and really would like to come back. Thank you Troms for welcoming me!

-Julia, tysk intern

Almost like a fairytale

On my first morning in Tromsø I woke up and saw the whole beauty of the city and its nature. Beautiful wooden houses and mountains all covered in snow and the deep blue Fjord made me feel like I was a little child again. I literally was in the city of my dreams, the city I was wishing to see my whole childhood long. I don’t think there is a better surrounding to start a school presentation tour. On my way to Bardufoss my nose was stuck on the window of the buss as I tried to catch as much as possible from the nature.

When I arrived at Bardufoss vgs. I was very nervous, but during my presentation the students made me feel comfortable. We started out discussing stereotypes, especially of Germans. We also listened to music and played a game about it. But the fact that really surprised me was that the students were actually interested in my view of the difficult history of Germany (usually the most boring one). Afterwards we talked about YFU and our amazing programs 🙂

To get back to Tromsø I had to take the boat and when I left the boat I knew I would be going to a really nice family that hosted me the days I  spent in Tomsø. I was so happy that I almost didn’t noticed the “snowstorm” or my icecold feet in my slippery sneakers.

-Jana, tysk intern


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