Cabin trip to Geilo


This week-end was probably my last week-end with my welcome family and it has been the best week-end so far. We went to my host family’s cabin, in Geilo. The weather wasn’t incredibly hot and nice, but it was good enough for us to go to Hallingskravet. We didn’t walk all the way up, but it was already amazing to be there and to see the beautiful nature. Later this day I tasted rømmegrøt, which was…interesting, but definitely not my favourite meal.

Tiffanny fra Frankrike i Geilo

We didn’t do that much during this week-end, but I got to experience this very Norwegian custom : being at the cabin with the family, having meal together and talking about everything was enough for me. I really hope my host family knows how much they have helped me.. I am going to move really soon to my permanent family, but I will always remember how amazing the last 6 weeks with my welcome family were.

Ha det,

Tiffanny fra Frankrike



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