Spenning bør ikke være langt unna

Har du tenkt på å dra på utveksling til et land i Europa? Nederland for eksempel? Sofie er der på utveksling akkurat nå, og deler noe bilder med dere. Fortsett Spenning bør ikke være langt unna

Setting foot in Norway

Hei hei alle sammen. Jeg heter Julia og jeg kommer fra Tyskland. I’ll live here in Norway for one year.

Monday was my first day of school and on Thursday we went on a hiking trip in the mountains to get to know each other better. It was really fun. We haven’t got any mountains in the region of Germany where I live. So I was really excited to go hiking in the mountains. That was one of many reasons why I wanted to come to Norway. The weather was great. The sun was shining and it was warm. Hiking was sometimes very hard, but the views were amazing. So I forgot all the bad things and was just happy, that I can be here. I saw things that I have never seen before.

Julia's view of Norway

Fortsett Setting foot in Norway


Jonas’ first days in Norway

Hi everyone, I’m Jonas from Lithuania, and I’m on the first days of my exchange year in Norway. Before we head-rushed into the jungle of the Norwegian life awaiting us, we were given some survival instructions and preparation, so we have some light in the dark and come out alive. Simply said, it was probably the best camp I’ve participated in.Over 90 people participated in YFUka 2015.

Fortsett Jonas’ first days in Norway